It's more than a space

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About Us

To keep it simple, we want to share our space with you, inspire you, and help you grow your business. And for those of you who like more details, keep reading! 

Kin & Co Studio was created for artists, freelancers, and entrepreneurs (like us!) to have a dedicated space for working and creative inspiration. Beyond that, we also have the shooting space that we want to share with you, because honestly, it was never an option for us! We truly believe in community over competition and have a passion to help others succeed, not only in their profession, but also in every aspect of their life.


Creativity doesn't work from home.

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Rebekah Lehman is the owner and founder of Kin & Co Studio LLC. Rebekah owns her own photography business, Kindred Photo & Design, and has a passion to help others succeed in their individual professions.